Flamenco Dance classes in Auckland.

Flamenco classes
Contanza Performing in Chile.

Learn Flamenco in Auckland's only Flamenco courses. Flamenco is a highly-expressive dance, known for its emotional sweeping of the arms and rhythmic stomping of the feet that originates in Spain and danced in all Spanish speaking countries.

Flamenco dances are improvised along the palo or rhythm. In addition to the percussion provided by the heels and balls of the feet striking the floor, castanets are sometimes held in the hands and clicked together rapidly to the rhythm of the music.

Contanza has been dancing and teaching Flamenco for 8 years, she has been taught by the following International teachers; Janine Albornoz, Catherine Sandoval, Marcos Jimenez, Adela Campallo, Beatriz Fernandez, Sonia Fuente-Alba, Yasna Curihual, Marcela Peralta and Francisco Delgado from Spain, Chile and Argentina.

Flamenco is a great dance to learn, no partners are needed, suitable for all fitness levels and a great way to make new friends.

Beginners Flamenco 8 Week Course Start Date (2 Durham St - 184 Queen St)

Mon 6.30pm: 2 July
Tue 8.00pm: 19 June

8 Week Courses - Our courses run for 8 weekly classes & are designed for stuctured learning of Flamenco. Certificates - Gain a certificate upon successful completion of each dance course.

Venue: Latin Rhythm Dance School, Level 3, Premier Building, 2 Durham St East (180 Queen St)...


Adults: $90
Students & Beneficiaries: $80
Groups: $10 off for groups of 4 or more

Private lessons: $40 (single) / $70 (couple) per hour.

Booking: Method 1: Book & pay online (preferred)
Method 2: Book online & pay deposit
Method 3: Book with voucher online

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